USM Athletics Program Visual Branding Project

Charged with the mission of enhancing the recognition of the athletics program among fans and rivals alike, I undertook the creation of a comprehensive suite of visual assets. This included developing a dynamic mascot logo along with its variations, an alternate logo, wordmarks, a seamlessly integrated combination of both mascot and wordmark logos, and a distinctive brand pattern. The primary challenge lay in crafting an alternate logo that could effectively bridge the gap between the old athletics logo and the newly envisioned design system.

Every design element was designed with the intention of adorning team uniforms and fan gear, which would be sold in the University’s spirit shop. These designs were strategically conceived to lay the foundation for the University of Saint Mary’s existing design team. This foundation aimed to serve as a catalyst for the evolution of the athletics program’s social media presence, overall marketing strategy, and the establishment of a strong visual identity for future branding endeavors.