Small business focusing in Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This visual branding project aimed to provide the company with versatile assets for effective social media marketing. At the core of the client’s vision was the incorporation of a classical spa lotus flower into the logo. In response, I developed a secondary logo that creatively embodies the company’s commitment to women’s health, featuring a woman emerging from a lotus flower. This secondary logo serves as an alternative to the elegant word mark, designed to be recognizable and adaptable in any context.

The main logo, a refined word mark, seamlessly integrates the secondary logo. The color palette predominantly features a soothing forest green and a light beige, with four complementary secondary colors enhancing the overall visual appeal. Beyond logos, the project extended to the creation of engaging social media images, ensuring alignment with the company’s refreshed branding system. The cohesive design approach not only captures the essence of the spa experience but also resonates with the broader theme of women’s health and wellness.