This year I experienced the solar eclipse in Iowa. We were not in the path of totality but we did get to experience about 85% coverage. I was so busy that week I almost forgot about it, so I had not prepped my camera to shoot the eclipse. On my first attempt I tried shooting it with a small aperture and quick shutter speed. This setting was ok, however it had a glare. (I was also worried about ruining my camera’s light sensor) To fix this issue I decided to create my own filter. I cut my eclipse glasses in half and used some paper to make it into a circle to fit into my regular UV filter. This worked perfectly!

This was a really great experience, the eclipse created a sense of community between so many people. Everyone was sharing their glasses and enjoying the scene together. I was fortunate enough to be able to stop working and go see it with my coworkers.

Makeshift solar eclipse filter. Perfect solution and protection for my camera.

First Attempt.

Second Attempt with makeshift filter.